Sesame Street Sign

1 Mar

This was the perfect gift for a little boy who loved Sesame Street. It was his 2nd Birthday and I was in need of something creative to give. I apologize in advance that the picture is not ideal. Obviously, because it was a gift I did not get a picture of the final product on his door but I did take a picture before I wrapped it up for him. For those of you who are familiar with applying adhesive vinyl, you can tell this picture was taken after I applied the transfer tape. But you get the general idea- I made a Sesame Street Sign using vinyl for his bedroom door or wall.
Sesame Street Sign customized name in Vinyl
I cut the yellow vinyl first. Then resized the yellow slightly smaller and cut it in green. It was a little difficult finding the correct font for the writing, but I just played with what I had until it looked right, then cut it in white (all done on my Silhouette machine). Hopefully this gives you some inspiration if you are searching for ideas for a Sesame Street themed room! I know you can sometimes find these signs on metal or wood already made, but doing it in vinyl is helpful when a child has a unique name or spelling of name.

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