S’More Pots Of Gold

13 Mar

I whipped up a fun treat for St. Patrick’s Day this year. The idea came to me yesterday, and although I wish I could have done a couple things better (mostly cosmetic for picture effects), I’m pretty thrilled with my S’More Pots Of Gold. 

S'More Pots Of Gold


What you’ll need:
– Marshmallows (I used the mega size)
– Skewers or lollipop sticks
-Melting Chocolate
-Graham Cracker Crumbs
-Wax paper

Just as it looks, all I did was push a stick into a marshmallow and dipped it into melted chocolate. The trick for getting the pot ridge is to push down hard onto the wax paper before it starts to dry. I stuck mine in the fridge for faster cooling. Once cooled, I dipped just the ridge in chocolate one more time, then dipped it into the crumbs. Return to wax paper and stick the wax sheet back in the fridge. It takes all but 3 minutes to cool until it is hardened.

S'More Pots Of Gold

And there you have it, my S’More Pots Of Gold! I though about getting green icing frosting and putting a shamrock on the side of the pot. Being a one car family, that just didn’t happen. Also, my black licorice idea for the pot handle did not happen. This treat has room for improvement but it is still yummy and still cute 🙂SmorePotsOfGold

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