Snowmen Cupcakes

25 Dec

Here’s a creative spin on the “melting snowman” food craft! This isn’t your sugar cookie melted snowman, this is your melting snowmen cupcakes! These adorable treats were created by a friend and posted on her family blog (meaning… not a craft or cooking blog), called Paralyzed With Joy (seriously, if you need a good read go check out Heather. She has an incredible story about becoming paralyzed at age 19. Tell her Mandy sent you, she’s so friendly!). I thought I’d pass her treat idea along!
Snowmen Cupcakes

Basically, you bake your cupcake according the cake directions, top it with white frosting, then using a toothpick or kabob stick stack 2 marshmallows. The hat is a brown M&M candy, and the eyes and nose are tiny dabs of frosting. SO cute, very clever and oh so darling!

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