Sorry I Lost My Cool

20 Sep

Hey, I will never claim to be perfect. I am totally imperfect and all I can ever do is my best, righting wrongs along my way. So I’m only slightly embarrassed to even post this small token of apology I made for my husband (who is countless times ever so patient with me and my quirks!). I grabbed a bag of Doritos Cool Ranch chips, and made a card to go on top that says “Sorry I lost my cool” …

Sorry I Lost My Cool

I used a paint chip from my local hardware store’s paint section (sometimes, I just grab a couple for future use in crafts). The hardest part was going to be the cut out for “cool”, but after just eyeing it I was able to get it right on the first try! My card isn’t quite as long as I had hoped. Since I was using a paint chip I couldn’t complain. The fonts I used were Varsity Regular and Sevillana  – both free downloads. The “XoXo” is from the Silhouette Sweetheart Portfolio CD that I purchased back in 2008 before the Portfolio CDs were discontinued. The “O”s have hearts inside, though you can’t really see in the picture. I used my silhouette sketch pens for the writing (we don’t have a printer or else I would have used a printer).

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