Sorting Out Life One Load At A Time

24 Sep

In my previous post, I mentioned doing vinyl to brighten the day of a friend who has had a hell of a month (or quite literally, the month from Hell). I did one more for her,this time, in her laundry room. I used a bright color (called Wild Cardinal Red) and placed it on a wall that was bare but welcoming. It says “Sorting Out Life one load at a time”. These are a big hit when I sell them locally, but I generally do them in a black vinyl so doing a bright red was a fun change.

Laundry Room Quote in Vinyl

For the top line “sorting out life”, I used a font called “Lobster“. In my Silhouette Studio Software, I over lapped the words and then “welded” them to get that connected look. There are two ways you can do this, by adjusting the character spacing and then welding or by creating each word as it’s own group. That is the method I used, that way I could manually move each word to where I wanted it to be. I made the “out” word slightly smaller and up higher than the other two.

Laundry Room Vinyl

The lower line “one load at a time” is in a font called Layne Hansom. I always try to link the font name with where you can download it, but this was a limited time free download and I can no longer find the link to post it here for you. I kept the two lines lined to the left, keeping “one load at a time” out of the way of the ornate “Life” word.¬†

Laundry Room Vinyl Quote

I think it turned out great. I hope she likes it, but because it is vinyl, if she doesn’t that’s okay! It is¬†removable.

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