Sunday Sunshine

25 Mar

I’m love thinking and pondering (and attempting) self improvement. I’m not stranger to flaws, I’ve got plenty, but the more I try to work on them the more I feel like I can make a little improvement every day. My past is not free of mistakes, I am in no way an innocent person. All I can say is, I try! 🙂
So when I saw this quote I knew it had to be my Sunday Sunshine this week. It’s a goal of mine now. Live in such a way that should anyone speak badly of you, no one would believe it! What a way to word the goal!

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I’m trying something new with this week’s Sunday Sunshine- a pdf version for download! Let me know a) if it works for you and b) if you want me to do it every week. If no one downloads Sunday Sunshine then I’ll just drop the pdf file version.

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