Super Hero Treat Box

30 May

I have some pretty amazing neighbors that came to my rescue recently. My “heroes” if you will, which is why I made theme a Super Hero Treat Box with my mini cheesecakes as a thank you to them.
Super Hero Treat Box
Let me tell you my little damsel in distress story…
One fine Thursday evening, Jonathan was away on a business trip and I had just put 3 kids to bed. I was actually pretty stoked because not only were the kids in bed before 8pm, but they were all asleep! So, what’s a mom to do at 8 pm? Well, sleep, but also…. watch TV! You see, this was the first time in a very long time that the TV was open for use. Free from kids shows and husband shows. For the first time, *I* got to pick what to watch! (It’s the little things people!)

So I turned out the lights (except the porch light…. I leave it on when Jonathan is gone), and cozied up on our way-too-old couch and tuned in for Grey’s Anatomy (guilty pleasure! who’s with me?). The amount of giddiness inside me is embarrassing. I was really worked up about getting to watch MY show on TV. Within seconds of hitting the power button on the remote, there was a knock on the front door. I leaned forward on the couch to get a peek at the entrance window at who the unexpected visitor might be. We have blinds, and they were closed, but through the slits and sides I was able to make out a tall, heavy set man with a baseball cap on was at my door. Being indecent (please tell me I’m not the only one who strips down to undies when home “alone”), I jumped up and tippy toed around the back of the stairs (to avoid said window) to the peep hole. As I snuck up to the door, I saw him start to peek through the entry window, trying to see around the blinds. Nope, definitely didn’t know him. But I did look through the peep hole just to be sure. Definitely, definitely, definitely didn’t know him. I didn’t panic, I mean, he wasn’t a threat until he did one of the most creepy-belongs-in-a-horror-movie move ever.
Right off our entry way is the office. I tip toed into the office and pulled the blinds apart to get a look at the mode of transportation the unexpected visitor brought with him (who knows, maybe I recognized the car better than the man in the hat). It was then, that the horrifying motion happened. Do you like the build up? I hope it delivers. It was really frightening in the moment. Remember, it’s dark…. I’m without husband…. it’s semi-late…. stranger….. no lights except the porch light….. okay enough building of the suspense….
I parted the blinds… and simultaneously, accidentally put pressure down with my foot right on top of bubble wrap we were saving for our move! POP POP-POP-POP POP! Like gun fire I tell you! Unfortunately, my unexpected visitor heard it too and stopped dead in his tracks, just staring at me through the split blinds. Arms at side, straight face, staring at me. I mean I could REALLY hear the horror music playing in my head. I dropped the blinds and ran up the stairs to retrieve my home alarm system remote (…. yeah, I hadn’t set the alarm yet… great time to realize). I got up to my room, and to my shelf where I normally keep it…. but it wasn’t there. I walked over to the master bedroom window (which faces the street) and peeked out. He stood by his car, arms straight to his side, staring up back at me. Okay, seriously guy? What’s your degree in? Creepiology?
I ran back downstairs to set the alarm manually. When I ran back upstairs, I looked out the master bedroom again. His car was gone. Almost out loud I thought to myself “Phew! That was super weird…” but my thought was cut off as the unexpected visitor’s vehicle slowly rolled passed my house with it’s headlights off.
That was enough creepiness for me. I called the non-emergency PD line and requested extra patrol of my neighborhood. As I’m on the phone describing the situation, he rolls slowly passed my house AGAIN in the other direction. The PD said they were sending someone to the area right away. I then texted my next door neighbor (her and her husband are a little younger than my parents), and asked if she and her husband were home. I just needed to feel more comfortable, and knowing someone was within ear shot of a scream would make me feel a lot more comfortable. Faster than I could put my phone down, there was a ring of the door bell. If I wasn’t panicking before, I definitely was now. I dialed my dad and quickly tried to spill the story as I walked down the hall, down the stairs and towards the front door. I peeped through the hole, and relayed what I saw back to my dad. “It’s Julie and Danny!”…. I opened the door to my neighbors and hung up with my dad. My neighbors are the coolest. They came over SO fast! I told them they full story and they reassured me they ‘d be keeping an eye on things for me, and would sleep with the windows open to listen for anything going on outside.
I hardly slept that night, as you can imagine. And only adding to the creepiness, the mysterious unexpected visitor was caught later that night in a backyard down the street from me. You see, my subdivision has a Facebook group where we post about anything and everything we think our neighbors might enjoy or need to know. So following the relief from Julie and Danny, I jumped on to let everyone know of this Creepy McCreepster in the area. A couple people had reported back they spotted his vehicle in my neighborhood, still riding around with the headlights off. One lady reported she had to call 911 because of someone in her backyard. Luckily, because the PD was already alerted to my area, they got to him before he got to her.
So there you have it, my neighbors are the best. Their quick response was so comforting, I just had to make them something as a thank you. 
I had this adorable two-sided paper from Bazzill that I wanted to use. One side is capes and the other side is lightning bolts. I used Jamie Lane Design’s 3D Fold & Tuck Box from the Silhouette Store: Design ID #51747 (great tutorial on how to make it found here)
Super Hero Treat Box and Cape TagI made the tag to look like a super hero cape. Using a sketch pen, I did the lightning bolt in a silver pen and the lettering in a white pen. The font is “Ridiculous” which for some reason is not available anymore. I use it all the time so I’m glad I downloaded it before it disappeared. I have my studio file available for download of JUST THE CAPE …. the box I purchased and it would be unfair to Jamie Lane to give that away (not to mention illegal). The cape I created myself though, as well as the lightning bolt so that part I can pass out. Click here for the studio file download of the cape.
In case you missed it, you can find my Mini Cheesecake Recipe here

Super Hero Treat Box & Free Cape Tag Download

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