Temple Frosted Mirror

1 Oct

My Temple Frosted Mirror post was originally written as a contributing post for SomewhatSimple.com As a regular contributor for Somewhat Simple, I also bring my special projects to Small Fine Print for your enjoyment. 


There’s more to etched glass than just frosted see through glass! Sure you can add a last name to a casserole dish or label your baking canisters, those are always cute and fun. I wanted to show you how you can use Etch Cream for home decor as well! Last weekend my cousin was married in the Idaho Falls Temple. I wanted to make her a meaningful gift. My etched glass mirror is both elegant and a keepsake .

Etched Glass Temple frosted onto a Mirror


The application is very simple, and frosting process takes less than a minute.
Start with a clean and dry mirror.
I used my Silhouette to cut a stencil (by weeding the negative parts of the vinyl image).
Apply the etching cream thick and evenly across the image.
Wait 30-60 seconds then wipe it clean.
You’ll want to wipe it completely clean before removing your vinyl stencil. I found my Idaho Falls Temple image in the Silhouette store and purchased it for this project. You can find many temples in the silhouette store, or you can use a clip art found on the internet.
How to frost a temple image onto a mirror

I wanted to mention, please apply the etching cream in a well-ventilated area! The fumes can be strong and very stinky. My 3 year old walked in the room and plugging her nose asked “EW, what’s the smell?!” I said “What’s it smell like?” she said “I don’t know, eggs and diapers!” Ha ha!
temple image frosted onto mirror

So simple and pretty. As it turns out, mirrors are REALLY hard to take pictures of. The angles I was able to snap just simply don’t do this little project justice.
Frosted Temple etched onto Mirror

2 Responses to “Temple Frosted Mirror”

  1. leslie October 1, 2013 at 2:43 pm #

    HOW CUTE! I would have never thought of that (or the vinyl stencil). Thanks for the great tip. I might have to make my own now.

  2. Kathy Penney @ Sparkles And A Stove October 9, 2013 at 4:37 pm #

    Wow! This is a work of art! What a wedding keepsake! I’ve always wanted to try etching cream and I think you’re Silhouette skills are more advanced than mine too. 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful creation at All Things Pretty!

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