Temporary Curtains

10 Sep

Jonathan and I have been working so hard on the backyard that we have neglected updates for inside the house. I was talking with a friend the other day when I realized something….. Just because Jonathan is the labor behind 80% of the things we do (including crafts for this blog! I’m just the brains…) doesn’t mean I can’t try to learn by trial and error! The revelation of this came as I stared out my kitchen window and awkwardly made eye contact with our neighbor as he dragged his trash bin back to his back yard…

Kitchen Window

Don’t worry, I waited until he was gone before I snapped a photo of our kitchen window. Back track for a minute: when we did a walk through of this house, I absolutely HATED the faux tin gold backsplash in the kitchen. My husband reassured me it was going to be replaced when we updated the kitchen (every.little.thing. in our home we purchased is builder grade besides this. Puke.) Fast track back: I knew we had some curtain rods in the garage from our apartment, but we couldn’t use them on our windows around the house because the rods were too small. I think we forgot about how small the kitchen window is. With that said, the curtains we had from the apartment were too big for this kitchen window. So I went to my small stash of fabric I’ve collected and found a piece that would fit. Now my dilemma is, if it is too busy of a pattern.

Here’s a good laugh for you. I literally grabbed my husband’s level and taped it up on the wall to make sure I hung the curtain rod straight, and it STILL came out crooked. I honestly have no idea why I can’t make a straight line. I truly think it is not in my capability. Even when applying vinyl, Jonathan has to do it. For the life of me, I can not make a straight line. Even when using a level.

Ok, so be honest and tell me- too busy of fabric? Does is clash with the GOLD FAUX TIN backsplash? I’m calling this my temporary curtains because I literally just used what I had. I didn’t have choices.

By the way, this post isn’t over yet. Awkward enough, let me tell you about how I made these curtains. My sewing machine is still benched. I can not figure out how to get that darn bobbin back in correctly (stop laughing at me). So until I can get my mom to help me, I taped the hems. Stop it. I’m serious. I bet by now you are wondering why I even have a blog like this if I can’t do things on my own? I guess it is because I’m hoping I’m not alone! Maybe I’m at least one level above someone and they read this and think “genius! i’m going to tape my hems!”…. wishful thinking….

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  1. Sher September 10, 2012 at 9:42 am #

    I love how honest you are in this blog. Might I be as well? I think the fact that you taped your hems is indeed a stroke of genius! I’ve always thought of doing a week day post on my blog called Mediocere Half-assed crafts I tried to do but failed. I’m just not sure how that would go over in Blogland.

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