The Boat: Trash To Treasure

9 Dec

This post might seem odd being done in December because while most of the country might be in snow suits, here in Arizona we finally get to go outside and enjoy play time without a sweat bath! So taking a break from the usual Christmas posts this time of year, it’s time to unveil one of the greatest garage sale finds my parents have done. In the past, they scored a bookshelf they turned into a dollhouse. That was truly an amazing transformation. If you missed it, see it here. This time around, they weren’t meaning to go to garage sales but happen to drive passed one with an old beaten up boat sandbox out front. The owner of the garage sale was embarrassed to even have it out for sale, but she couldn’t see what my mother saw. To the previous owner it was worth nothing but scrap wood, but to my mom it was the frame of the newest addition to her grandkid friendly backyard. Once the garage sale officially “started”, my mother inquired on the price. She already had prepared herself to pay $20 but would hopefully would be able to talk them down. To her surprise, they wanted to sell it for $5!!! FIVE DOLLARS!!!!! My mom was so giddy when she brought it home. And who could blame her?!
Backyard Boat The pieces of the frame needed sanding severely. But that was the hardest part!

Backyard Sail Boatdoes anyone else’s garage look like this? hehe. My parent’s garage has always been the storage place for soon to be projects or tools and boxes of supplies. Right now my sister’s family lives with my parents so their furniture and kitchen items are being store in the garage.

Once that was done, my dad simply stained it the same color as the other activities in the backyard, and reassembled it. The canopy and bench pad came with it and were in fantastic shape besides some fading. The wheel was spray painted to restore it to a bright red. The grandkids love this boat! I wish everyone could see them out there playing pirates or going on cruises. It is adorable. This $5 garage sale is a major trash to treasure!

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  1. OneMommy December 14, 2012 at 8:05 am #

    My best friend has that exact same thing for her kids! They have it filled with sand and they love it! What a great deal at 5 bucks! Have fun!

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