The Idea Room: New Years Eve Countdown Bags

31 Dec

The older I get the worse I am at staying up for New Years. Parties stopped being appealing to me once I started taking college seriously, LOL! Then came marriage and work, so that was an excuse. Now it’s because I have a baby (not so baby anymore!)…
This year we live extremely close to several of my aunts and cousins (we’re talking 5 miles or less for each of them) so it’s kind of expected for me to show at the family party. I was looking for a reason to drop in and out without being rude or the party pooper- and I think I’ve found it!
The Idea Room: New Years Eve Countdown Bags

I can make these cute littleĀ  activity bags, make my appearance and drop them off. The family will be so preoccupied every hour that I won’t be missed! LOL.
Best of all, The Idea Room has made these available for free printing from their site. Go check it out!

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