Toddler Color Match Game

12 Mar

My little one is sure getting into her ABC’s, 123’s, Shapes and Colors. Of course, right now every color is “blue” unless you say “point to the green, which one is green?” then she gets it right. I decided to make a help aid for her. It all came to me at once when I was walking Home Depot to pick something up for the Mister. I slowly passed the paint aisle, dreaming of the day I get to redo the inside of my home (right now we are focusing on the back yard for play time) when it hit me! I grabbed a few paint chip sample sheet things (ok, what are they called?) and got to work at home.
I wasn’t totally convinced I knew what my plan was. All I had was an idea and some supplies so I went with it. The idea was to create a matching game for Joee.
My supplies…. that I didn’t even end up using all of.
Shoe box lid
Paint chip things
Hot glue gun
clothes pins

Toddler Color Match Game

I grabbed the Mickey colors because in the store she was already reaching for them so I knew they’d be a hit. We don’t have TV so I have no idea how she became so in love with Mickey but she sure does love him so we go with it.
I took my shoe box lid, and glue one color of each down.

Toddler Color Match Game

Took some ribbon and strung it across- gluing each end down on either side

Toddler Color Match Game
Toddler Color Match Game

By default (meaning, while I was working on this first half my daughter started ripping up with duplicates) I discovered that the Mickey heads come off rather easily from the card stock beige background. So I separated them (meaning, my toddler separated them for me when my back was turned) and glue them to the clothes pins-

Toddler Color Match Game

The idea is that she clips the color on the ribbon above the matching color

Toddler Color Match Game

…. and she is SO entertained let me tell ya! She was begging for the shoe box lid before my glue was even dry. A hit with her apparently.

Toddler Color Match Game
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This whole project was virtually free. The shoe box lid we had laying around. The ribbon was in stock amongst my hoarding of ribbon. The hot glue…. HELLO who lives with out that? The clothes pins were left overs from my Lost Socks Project over a year ago. And of course the paint colors were free.


3 Responses to “Toddler Color Match Game”

  1. Q @ JAQS March 14, 2012 at 7:11 pm #

    That is such a great idea. My kids always grab those when we go to the paint store…now we could make good use of them 🙂

    Love for you to share it at my Linky Party 🙂 –

  2. Summer March 16, 2012 at 10:22 pm #

    Such a great idea! I’ll be featuring it on my blog tomorrow!


  3. Kristi March 18, 2012 at 8:45 pm #

    So cute!! Loving all the colorful Mickeys! I’m featuring this {later today} at my Mop It Up Monday party. Thanks so much for sharing!

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