Treasure Chest

22 Jun

Part 3 of our Caribbean centerpieces are our treasure chests.

Supplies you’ll need:
Treasure chest (party city $5 for 6)
Gold wrapping paper
Our chosen wordings
Foam balls cut in half

1. Open your treasure chest, fold following product directions and place half foam ball inside.

2. We felt the skull and cross bones needed to go. This was suppose to be a classy Caribbean dinner. So we covered it with the words to the theme of the Youth Conference.

3. We cut a piece of gold wrapping paper to be quite a bit larger than what would fit in the chest, because we wanted to give it a full look when we crinkled it. We stuffed it all around the ball, then stuck our skewers through it and into the foam ball.

4. We took our “treasure”d words and hot glued them onto the ends of our skewers.

5. Wind the pearls all around and you have the finished look

And here is the centerpiece we will be using this weekend (stick around for more Caribbean Themesd decor ideas and pictures of our centerpiece on the dinner tables.)

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