Trousers To Apron Tutorial

13 Jun

This is a fun and simple upcycle to do with old pairs of pants or trousers. I made an Apron for my dad who loves to cook- and I added some things that fit specifically for him that I’ll explain as I go.

My husband got a hole in his pants right on the butt. Snagged during a delivery he was on, which worked out nicely for me because I was waiting to do this upcycle idea and all I was missing was a sewing machine and a pair of pants I could cut up. So the trousers started like this:
Trousers To Apron Tutorial


(#1) First thing first, I cut off the legs then cut up the back of the pant leg (so that the inner and outer hem would now serve as a decorative element to the front side of this apron). Potentially you could make 2 aprons out of this, but I made one.
Trousers To Apron Tutorial

(#2) After which I ironed… which I learned I should have done in the beginning- I never claim to be good at this! I learn as I go 🙂 I used an apron we had as a template for the chest/arm cut out.. except I knew i didn’t want it as big of a cut so I started small and just cut bigger until my liking. I also flipped the trousers upside down and used the bottom hem as the top of the apron because the top of the trousers had a bigger flare than the leg.
Trousers To Apron Tutorial

(#3) I then used the other pant leg and cut it into 1″ strips (folded) to use as edging/trim for the apron. And 2 1/2 strips for the ties and neck loop. Of course, I pinned it all down in preparation to sew.
Trousers To Apron Tutorial

I failed to get pictures of the next part because I was so into just getting it done. You see, when my dad cooks he always tucks a towel either in his belt loop or in his pocket- so I decided to add that feature to it. Except… I used trousers. Not jeans or some other pant that would have an easy pocket to it. Things got tricky but I pulled it off. I cut off a portion of the back pocket AND belt line. I created a large button hole on the side of my apron (using the button hole settings on my sewing machine) and I sewed the pocket piece in place, slipping the exposed pocket lining into the button hole.

One more thing you will need to know about the background to my apron making is that there is a running joke in my family concerning my husband. My dad loves him. Too much maybe? Enough that my brother and my brother-in-law get “jealous”. The kind of jealous where they play it off like it is a joke but they “joke” about it so much that you just know there is a bit of truth behind it. SO, we play off that because we have a little pinch of evil in us when it comes to teasing. I added some heat transfer vinyl that reads “It’s hard to be humble when you’re son-in-law is Jonathan”. It was a huge hit. Here’s my hubby modeling it for me before I sent it home to dad.
Trousers To Apron TutorialPretty cool right?! It went from this to this-
Trousers To Apron TutorialMy dad loves it. He wears it all the time. I had to get his picture wearing it at our last family dinner:
Trousers To Apron Tutorial

And because it was made from some good quality trousers, it has lasted YEARS!

This post was originally written for Small Fine Print in Feb. 2011. It has been updated and resubmitted.

4 Responses to “Trousers To Apron Tutorial”

  1. Tammy February 23, 2011 at 6:27 pm #

    ha! i love his face! he’s totally rocking the apron. very cool idea.

  2. Mary May 7, 2011 at 2:22 pm #

    Oh my goodness, I love the apron, love the “humble” addition – love the look on your hubby’s face – he knows he’s The Man! I know your Dad is going to love and make good use of the apron (in many ways, right?!?!)

    Thanks for sharing at Tatertots linky party. I “followed” your GFC and would love a follow back if you have time –

    Mary @ Redo 101

  3. Darlene June 23, 2013 at 8:35 am #

    Thanks for sharing. This is probably the easiest apron pattern I have seen. Great job. Love the pic of your proud Dad.

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