Valentine Candy Jars

6 Feb

This post was first seen on Somewhat Simple. As a contributor to Somewhat Simple, I have permission to share this with Small Fine Print readers.

Valentine Candy Jars

 For a while now, on my crafts “to-do” list I’ve been wanting to try creating a candy dish from a candlestick or vase and a jar or dish. I have finally checked that off my list and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome! I have made two. The first is a candlestick and heart shaped dish (both found at walmart), the second was a single rose vase and a jar (from Halloween that I cleaned up).

Vday Jars- Before

I spray painted the white vase a hot pink color, and peeled off the Halloween vinyl from my jar. Using epoxy glue, I secured the candlestick/vase to the dish/jar. Once the two pieces are dried as one, I was ready to decorate them using the Silhouette double-sided adhesive starter kit! It was so easy to use, and it definitely looks store bought! The Silhouette cuts any wording or design into the double-sided adhesive sheet, and once applied to the surface, you are able to apply glitter, deco sand, or flocking powder. For my Valentine Candy Jars, I used glitter on one and flocking powder on the other. Valentine Candy Jars   It was hard for me to imagine what exactly “double-sided adhesive” was. Once I watched the tutorial videos (found here and here), all I could think of was custom stickers with any finish I could think of! My cupid decal is finished in flocking powder, and my x’s and o’s are in glitter. Both add such a fun detail to my candy dishes! The double-sided adhesive step of my project literally took 5 minutes, and it gives such a professional finish, don’t you think? Here’s a closer look: Valentine Candy Jars   So pretty! So fun! Valentine Candy Jars


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