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26 Mar

I feel like this blog is always on a roller coaster. One week I’ve got hits gallore! The next it is a ghost town. What a love/hate relationship you are all causing me. Just kidding. I know it’s my own fault because I sometimes have weeks of FABULOUS ideas and the next it is like “yeah yeah seen it before….”. But here’s the thing, my mind is never stopping. The creative wheels are constantly in motion I just haven’t put them in physical action yet. I have pinned MANY ideas that I’d like to do my own spin off of. Are you are follower on pinterest yet?
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Here are some of the ideas floating pinterest that I’m saving for future use:

Things To Sew Board:
Door Latch Stopper
Love this idea. This is actually an Etsy shop not a tutorial but I’m certain I can do this one on my own. And boy do I need to! Our toddler is constantly shutting doors and getting herself stuck in rooms. She only knows how to open the doors with a handle knob, not the round knobs.

Source: via Mandy on Pinterest

Toddler Kimono Dress
I don’t know if it is just the gorgeous fabric or the kimono style itself but i LOVE this dress. And Jolene is in desperate need of dresses right now. She only has 1 that fits her. Time to get my sewing machine out of storage (yep, still haven’t unpacked it since our move to Arizona last summer)

Source: via Mandy on Pinterest

Munchkin To Do Board:
Cloud Dough Recipe
It is as soft as flour but molds like wet sand! Beach day in? I think so…

Tips & Tricks Board:
Initial Coaster Tray
Keep all those cups in the kitchen organized by placing yours on your own initial. This will eliminate guess work and having to get a new cup out just to be safe. I feel like this especially happens at my mom’s house when everyone is visiting. We all say “is this one mine??”…. and end up getting a new one out eventually. How cute it would be to have a tray of coasters with initials to keep things organized.

Party Idea Board:
A paper craft- Paper Box Cake
I actually have a very specific idea in mind for this one. When I first pinned it, I didn’t. I just liked that it was different than your typical “diaper cake” and I figured I could use it somehow and fill each box with different baby needs for my next baby shower I attended. BUT! I have since thought outside the box (pardon the pun) and realized this isn’t just a baby shower cake idea. This is an ANY timer cake idea. Muwahahahaha.

Holiday Decor And Crafts Board:
Carrot Cupcakes
I’m still hesitant about doing “mint” leaves, just because I don’t know if they are expensive or how to care for them before use so I’m trying to think of an alternative but these Carrot Cupcakes are adorable. Those carrots are candy! Easy, eh?

Craft Ideas Board:
Road Map Your Life Frame
I am absolutely in love with this! Cut out heart shapes of a map around the area you have lived and frame it! This particular one is “We Met’ “We Marry” and “We Live” which actually works perfectly for Jonathan and I. We met in HB, California, married in St. Louis Missouri, and live in Phoenix, Az! Perrrrfect! Until we move again… which I don’t see happening for many years.

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  1. melody-mae March 27, 2012 at 4:08 am #

    I totally understand what you are saying. My blog seems to be either feast or famine as well. Lately very few comments…makes ya wonder doesn’t it? LOL I love some of your boards and your ideas!

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