Visiting Teaching Phone Cards

27 Aug

Here is a quick download for you as an aid for the ladies on your Visiting Teaching list. I created these Visiting Teaching phone cards as a 4×6 or wallet size print out. I uploaded them to my local photo print shop for one hour print and then gave them to my ladies for a quick reference guide if they need anything. While my card obviously has my name and number, and my visiting teaching companion’s name and number- I’m choosing not to post that one as a download for obvious security reasons.
Visiting Teaching Phone Cards

However, you can click to download my blank one and fill in your name and number yourself. You can do this on a simple computer program or you can just print the blank card and use a sharpie to but your info on it. For women on the go, you may want to print it as a wallet size. Working women might find that more handy that a larger print. However, I have a lady on my list that is older and home often. I printed a 4×6 for her and glued a magnet on the back for her to stick on her fridge. Another option you might consider is printing a 4×6 and using it as a postcard. Did you know you can mail photos as a postcard? NO envelope needed. Just stamp the back like a postcard, draw a line down the center, address the right side and note the left. This method works great if you have any “mail only” ladies on your list. Here are my cute blank cards for you:

Visiting Teaching Phone Cards

The font I used is “Somebody That I Used To Know” and that adorable phone image was a freebie from Miss Kate Cuttables. If you are unfamiliar with Miss Kate Cuttables, you are missing out! Every day there is a freebie download that is compatible with all cutting machine brands as well as scrapbooking softwares! It is a daily steal! She also has images for sale you will want to check out.
You may right click and save my image for your use, or click here for the png download.


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