My $0 Bathroom Makeover

7 Apr

Have you ever wanted to update a room in your house but haven’t created a budget for it yet? I had my eye on our half bath downstairs ever since we finished the ceiling tile. It’s used by guests and I just needed it to be much more than a closet with a toilet and sink. That’s pretty much what it felt like anyway. The room is tiny! It needed something to bring it to life and compliment the gorgeous ceiling tile. So I walked through the house and began collecting items that would fit, starting with this tiny shelving unit that was in the girl’s room as their library (don’t worry, I compensated for the swipe!).


My Zero Dollar Bathroom Makeover

We have an annoying amount of magazines being sent to us. We aren’t even sure how! We never signed up for them. Soooo they get thrown onto that bottom shelf there…


My Zero Dollar Bathroom Makeover


All of the Chinese decor your see there are from Jonathan’s trip to China/Taiwan. He has 2 jade chess sets (in the boxes) that the kids love to look at (but no playing! they are very fragile)


My Zero Dollar Bathroom Makeover


The faux plant you see there is from a previous project, Potted Beach Grass. The container there is also a previous project, my DIY Toilet Paper Roll Holder. The shelving unit and the accessories were all small enough not to over power the little room.
Because I still have small ones in the home, there is one element I added to the bathroom near the sink for them…

My Zero Dollar Bathroom Makeover
This bathroom is just about complete in my book. There are only 3 things left I’d like to do once we create the budget:

  1. Accent wall with Grass Cloth Wallpaper
  2. Ceramic Tile Flooring
  3. Crown Molding

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